AV Stumpfl enters the Hall of Fame

Wallern, Austria, August 2016: This year, AV Stumpfl was awarded the lifetime achievement of a place in the Installation Hall of Fame.

Founded in 1975 by Reinhold Stumpfl and his wife, Ulrike, AV Stumpfl is now received recognition as a major player in the world of creative media & control systems, screen innovations and uncompressed 4K video playback.

Reinhold Stumpfl said: “I am so surprised to get this great honour, I never believed that what I did would get such great attention. When I started I had a lot of crazy ideas, everyone said ‘forget it, this has no future’ but I did it. And over the years the whole AV industry has switched to my ideas and made me the number one in the big screen business.”

Reinhold Stumpfl is one of the finest innovators in the communications technology industry, having developed his first loudspeakers and amplifiers while he was still in school. He went on to pioneer technology in the slide projection market, developing the ‘dissolve’ unit for fading transitions between two projectors. This led to Reinhold realising that there were no adequate projection screens, so he went on to design the first of many models, all from the living room of his in-laws.

The atmosphere of creating technology within a family home has remained an integral part of the AV Stumpfl organisation.

But as the company grew from strength to strength, so did the Reinhold’s enthusiasm for building. Their tenth corporate construction is an 8 million EUR research and development centre. Each individual employee is empowered within their own department and each department is charged with the responsibility or creating products of quality and excellence to help ease the daily life of their clients.  

Reinhold Stumpfl said: “I wanted to do what I do, perfectly, 100%, no more. This is the only business idea I had to make people happy so I had to do it right.”

AV Stumpfl has made a name for itself by manufacturing high-performance mobile and installation projection screens and multi-display and show control systems for professional and business applications. Today, AV Stumpfl products are sold in over 60 countries worldwide. It remains a family company, now that Reinhold’s sons, Tobias and Fabian are managing the company.

Reinhold and Ulrike Stumpfl have worked very hard and their company has more than earned its place in the Installation Hall of Fame.

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About AV Stumpfl

AV Stumpfl is an award-winning Austrian company that designs, manufactures and markets a range of high-performance mobile and installation projection screens and multi-display and show control systems for professional and business applications. As a family business, its founders started the company out of a passion for the advancement of presentation and installation technologies. The product range is warranted for 24/7 usage. AV Stumpfl is located in Wallern, Austria, and is supported by a global network of distribution and service partners.

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