Wings AV

Media Server & Show Control System.
Engineered to realize your visions!

Wings AV is one of the most advanced media server and show control systems on the market today. It is a combination of software and hardware made for each other. The result is an integrated system acknowledged all over the world for its wide range of possibilities and high performance. With its unique cutting edge functions Wings has been part of the most spectacular shows, exciting installations and astonishing presentations worldwide.

Wings AV features a multidisplay production and presentation software running on powerful and ruggedized media server hardware, a software to create free to use custom touch interfaces, intelligent hardware I/O modules and finally a show control system linking all components in a network easily together.

Be inspired by all these possibilities !
You just need one system to put your ideas into practice – from video cutting to audio editing and from large-scale projection to show control.

Wings AV is the right tool to realize your visions!


The idea behind

Creating an unparalleled tool to make your show!
Just add creativity!

AV Stumpfl is a family owned and operated business located in Austria. All the development and manufacturing of our products is done here in our facility. We are successful with a long term strategy and love bringing new tools with new ideas right to you. The Wings system was born over ten years ago out of the passion of wanting to communicate visual messages in high quality. 35 years of experience and know-how in the AV market led to the development of a system which combines creativity during production with performance and flexibility during presentation in a unique manner.

The idea behind Wings AV is creating an integrated system, starting with the production process, over live presentations, interactive show control, user interaction, up to the simple distribution of the work. We want to make you able to produce a magnificent show and installation experience. Playing a show in full quality at any time is always a prime goal during development. Image quality always has to reach the maximum automatically. The size of the projection, the shape of the projection surface, the arrangement of the display, the effect devices used - none of these should be subject to any restrictions. Total control via touch interfaces, tablets and smartphones should be simple and not impossible! We challenged ourselves developing a totally new media server hardware and totally new I/O interfaces which meets the highest standard in terms of stability and performance.

Wings AV turns these wishes into reality in a unique manner and offers you an unparalleled tool.
Just add creativity!



The systems components

What do you get with Wings AV?

The Wings AV System includes several software and hardware components:

First of all Wings Vioso which is the software for multidisplay content creation and live presentation, projector and display setup, show control and warping.  Second, the Wings Engine. This is our powerful media server hardware platform - available in different models to meet your requirements at your price.  Third in the row Wings Touch – which is a free software responsible for creating intuitive and beautiful user interfaces for all kind of todays touch devices.  Fourth we have the Wings IOboxes - I/O modules providing first time in the industry real intelligent interfaces with no need for a master controller. Last but pretty important for a successful project and unique in this market we have Wings Avio. Wings Avio is not a product you can buy – it is the central heart of all Wings AV products. It is a unified and extremely powerful communication protocol all our products speak – and bringing it to live is done by connect functions virtually together - and not by complex programming!

Besides our products we offer full service and support around all this. Our free trainings gets you close to the system. Our consulting and planning support helps you making the right decisions in your project. With our on-site assistance you can be sure that the implementation of your project will be successful. And if you are at a loss you can call our hotline – even on weekends.


Wings Vioso

Create, map, play, control and interact! The entire show!

Wings Vioso takes you through the whole process from content creation on the one end to the interactive real–time experience on the other end. This unique software enables you to compose astonishing content, edit audio and video even beyond 4k or 8k quality. The entire show can then be played back immediately and manipulated in real-time on any number of displays including live video feeds and 24 channel audio. Different display technologies like LED, LCD and projection can be mixed and be turned into a huge seamless multidisplay experience of astonishing quality. Warping and mapping on any surface can be done with camera based calibration for automatic matching, blending and warping projection on exceptional surfaces without deformation. Use any input devices to interact with the show and control any external device - live and via timeline show control programming through our Avio system. Your finished show can be rendered at any time for easy customer preview, distribution or Internet upload.

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Wings Vioso

Wings Engine

Media Server redefined! Serious power even in tough situations.

Wings Engine is our media server hardware platform engineered to give an extremely powerful and robust hardware platform in your hands. All servers are developed and built in our factory in Austria to ensure maximum quality, reliability and flexibility based on your needs.

Wings Engine is available in different models to meet your requirements at your price. The bandwidth goes from two channel output for fixed installations up to our premium ruggedized model with touch screen, Neutrik connectors and a shock-proof case-in-case system for tough situations.

Wings Engine designed to give Wings Vioso the necessary power for your demanding presentations.

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Wings Touch

Design impressive user interfaces. Fast and easy!

Wings Touch enables you to create intuitive and beautiful user interfaces for all kind of todays touch devices in shorter time. Wings Touch offers the same user friendliness you are used to from current Office applications. Use any design, style, color or font for any control element. Choose static backgrounds with gradients or images. Or a dynamic one, using video or picture transitions.

All created control elements like buttons, faders , indicators or trackpads are available automatically within Avio and can therefore be connected to all other functions with an Avio network without any programming. By the way – Wings Touch is a free software!

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Wings Iobox

Built to connect! With intelligence!

The Wings IObox is a network I/O module providing first time in the industry real intelligent interfacing with no need for a master controller. Moreover, any IObox can be your master controller. And it can be a webserver providing a html5 user interface for your smartphone or tablet. All in one!

Wings IObox in combination with the Wings AV system is a totally rethought concept which is fully integrated in the Avio network. A powerful CPU inside the box offers more than just setting and reading inputs like other modules! Connect the IObox via Avio to a Wings Touch user interface and control your show, your conference room or even your smart home without any additional hardware.

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Wings Avio

The world’s only network show control system. Just connect – don’t program!

Wings Avio is not a product you can buy – it is the central heart included in all Wings AV products. It is a unified and extremely powerful communication protocol all our products speak. Avio is integrated in Wings Vioso, Wings Touch, Wings Engine and Wings Iobox. It is available as a Windows service to remote the PC. Wings Avio will translate DMX, MIDI, Artnet, KNX and more. And bringing everything together is done by connect channels virtually together - and not by complex programming! So you can simply connect a MIDI fader to a DMX light – and it works immediately. If you require more functions to power a special show or control your installation just extend Avio by your own LUA scripts! Leading to endless possibilities!

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