Wings IObox Pro

Compact and solid media control. Reinvented.

Have you ever needed a single box solution with built in web based touch user interfaces to control AV devices such as projectors, displays and/or building automation functions? Our new Wings IObox Pro is the one stop solution for corporate and themed control installations featuring full solid state system design dedicated for 24/7 use.


Clever interfacing to the Avio world and beyond

Wings IObox Pro comes with all hardware and interfacing functionality of the regular Wings IObox devices. Click here to learn more about the Wings IObox platform.  On top of these basic features Wings IObox Pro comes with the following special control options on top:

User Interface Hosting

Like on our Avio Master and FHD Player Pro devices Wings IObox Pro can host HTML5 based control interfaces created with our user interface designer software Wings Touch. These user interfaces can be accessed via smartphones, tablets and many other touch solutions coming with a web browser capable of HTML5. Due to the sleek hardware design of Wings IObox devices concurrent hosting of touch projects is limited to one Wings Touch project at a time.

Building automation interface via KNX

Wings IObox Pro comes with full bidirectional KNX interfacing. The existing ETS database with KNX group addresses can be imported and all addresses are ready for connection within the Avio network to other Wings IObox devices, Wings Engine media servers, logical scripts, projectors, and other AV equipment.

Learn more about KNX

Open source scripting

Wings IObox Pro features built in hosting for Lua scripting starting from simple logic functions, ranging to advanced artificial intelligence design for your attractions. A variety of ready to use scripts is included with Wings IObox Pro’s software suite or is available for download on the internet. We also offer support for customized scripts. Please contact our team for this.

Learn more about Lua scripting


  Wings IObox modules: Serial, Remote, Relay, DMX Wings IObox Pro modules: Serial, Remote, Relay, DMX
Dimensions 98 x 34 x 137 mm 98 x 34 x 137 mm
Weight 0,24 kg 0,24 kg
PoE or 12V PSU X X
Avio control interface X X
Lua scripts - 20
KNX interface (via IP/Interface or IP/Router) - X
Wings Touch project hosting (HTML5 web technology) - 1
Device drivers(IP Netzwerk, UDP or TCP) - 10
Physical ports "Serial" module 4 RS232 connectors including 4 RS232 device drivers 4 RS232 connectors including 4 RS232 device drivers
Physical ports "Remote" module 16 digital inputs (2-24VDC) 16 digital inputs (2-24VDC)
Physical ports "Relay" module 16 relay switching outputs (30VDC, 48VAC, 1,5A) 16 relay switching outputs (30VDC, 48VAC, 1,5A)
Physical ports "DMX" module 1 DMX 512 input, 1 DMX 512 output (3 pin XLR connectors) 1 DMX 512 input, 1 DMX 512 output(3 pin XLR connectors)

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